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8th EuroCloud Congress: Cloud, Trust & Security

EuroCloud Forum 2017 is the primary cloud computing event connecting the industry to spread knowledge and stimulate businesses to invest in the cloud ecosystem. We promote the usage of Cloud Computing as it provides the platform for new services and as such is a fundamental game-changer in the digital society.


"Dear Mr. Höllwarth, please receive my congratulations for the successful event at which I had the honor to participate as a speaker about Cloud and Security in the Energy industry. The fact that the event took place together with the Conference of the Belgian Cyber Security Convention was very positive as concerns about security and privacy are among the common arguments against a broader use of cloud services. This combined conference added further value to this already extraordinary event. I was proud to present the Austrian Energy CERT as a role model for private public partnership with the goal to increase security. One of the main confirmations from other speakers was that intra and inter company co-operation is required in cyber security. Finally, I was surprised about the location of the conference center and the nice village of Mechelen.  It was well suited for the event which by the way was perfectly organized."

Walter Fraissler (VERBUND)

"Dear Mr. Höllwarth, in your role of president of EuroCloud Europe, please accept my congratulations for the successful event at which I had the privilege to participate as a speaker about Privacy by Design at Cloud. You will find my handout presentation for the participants of the conference enclosed. I very much enjoyed the entire setting of the event and in particular the fact that the event was hosted by the Belgian Cyber Security Convention. In my opinion, this added further value to this already extraordinary event. Although I am looking more on the privacy side of things, I acknowledge Security as an essential pre-requisite for digitalization and absolutely agree that more intra company co-operation is required in cyber security. I found it a ray of hope at the horizon to hear voices affirming that competition should not prevent us of doing so. Finally, I found the location perfectly suited for the event which by the way was perfectly organized. Please feel free to forward my compliments to your partners who have worked together with you on making this outstanding event happen."

Ernst-Oliver Wilhelm (GFT Technologies SE )

This year, the annual EuroCloud Europe Forum took place in Brussels under the motto “Cloud, Trust and Security”.

A Unique B2B Conference Organised by EuroCloud Europe & Operated by Brewery of Ideas

The Organisation

The EuroCloud Forum 2017 connects all parties related to the cloud industry ranging from start-ups, to universities, research centers, government authorities and stakeholders of the cloud industry.

This B2B-conference will be held in Lamot (Mechelen) together with the Belgian Cyber Security Convention.

The Convention

All visitors are invited for a unique day of networking, education and discussions regarding cloud computing.

Participating companies will have the chance to meet potential clients, build relationships and reach a wide audience in the international cloud computing community.





09:30 / Opening

Tobias Höllwarth (EuroCloud Europe & Peter Buelens (Brewery of Ideas)


09:40 / Joining Forces Against Cyber Crime

Jan de Blauwe (BNP Paribas Fortis)



10:00 / The Belgian Cyber Security Roadmap

Miguel De Bruycker (Centre for Cyber Security Belgium)



10:30 / The Importance of Certification to Achieve the Objectives of the Digital Single Market

Pearse O'Donohue (Future Networks Directorate, DG CONNECT, European Commission)


10:30 / The End of the World as We Know it? How to Tackle Security Risks in Internet of Things

Stefaan Hinderyckx (Dimension Data)


10:30 / Cyber Security Incidents in the Current Threat and Regulatory Landscape – Lesson Learnings and Recommendations 

Christophe Bianco (Excellium)

Governance Platforms

10:30 / The Enablement of an Identity-Centric SOC in the Regulatory Rumba Era

Luca Martelli (Oracle)

GDPR Cloud Platforms

11:00 / Future Threats and Challenges

Intelligence Specialist


11:00 / Final Results of the Cybersecurity Industry Market Analysis (CIMA)

Ulrich Seldeslachts (LSEC)


11:00 / WORKSHOP: Discover the Business Benefits of Choosing a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Peter De Gendt (Getronics)


11:00 / Cloud & Privacy by Design

Ernst-Oliver Wilhelm (GFT Technologies SE)

Cloud GDPR

11:30 / The Impact of Cloud on IT Security

Ken Ducatel, Director DG Digit, European Commission


11:30 / Privacy Barometer based on 100+ Projects

Lien Keulemans & Kristof Dewulf (Cranium)


11:30 / WORKSHOP : Build a Software-Defined Secure Network to Defend Your Business

Filip Vanierschot (Juniper Networks)


11:30 / Reaching Compliance with GDPR

Xavier Huysmans (Business & Decision)


12:00 / LUNCH BREAK '60

13:00 / The Five Knowledge Domains for a Successful GDPR Implementation

Georges Ataya (Solvay Brussels School)


13:00 / Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Hacking the Security Supply Chain

Rosanna Kurrer (Cyber Way Finder)


13:00 / Responsible Disclosure and Bug Bounty, the Next Level of Security Testing

Valéry Vander Geeten (CCB), Stijn Jans (intigriti)


13:00 / Future Proof Security Design for GDPR: How Check Point Protects its Own Data

Christof Jacques (Checkpoint)


13:00 / Ransomware Concerns: Anatomy of an Attack and Strategies for Recovery

Xavi Garcia (Cisco)

Tooling Technology Platforms

13:30 / Supporting Security of Personal Data Processing

Dr. Prokopios Drogkaris (ENISA)

GDPR Technology

13:30 / How Can I Protect My Company for Free Against Cyber Risks?

Alexander Pluvinage (ING)


13:30 / A Cyber Security Certification for Small and Medium Companies

Frédéric Gelissen (Procsima), Stéphane Vince (ADN - Digital Wallonia)


13:30 / GDPR, the 20 Most Important Questions

Jens Eckhardt (Derra, Meyer & Partner)

Cloud GDPR

13:30 / Cloud, Security in Banks

Stefan Leitner (Erste Group Bank AG)

Security Know-how



13:50 / Cloud, Security and Energy

Dr. Walter Fraissler (Verbund)

Security Know-how

14:00 / And If the GDPR Could Become Your Ally

Yves Schellekens & Thomas Van Grembergen (Agoria)


14:00 / It's a Cloud, Not a Closet

Erik Geensen (RedHat)

Cloud Tooling

14:00 / A Technical Approach in DDoS Mitigation

Marc Lampo (Telenet)


14:00 / 6 Steps to GDPR Compliance

Dr. Mark Vandenwauver (Ordina)


14:10 / Cloud, Security for Environment

Franz Mochty (Austrian Federal Ministry of Environment)

Security Know-how

14:30 / Meeting Europe's Cybersecurity Challenge Together: Policy and Operational Actions

Ken Ducatel (European Commission)


14:30 / What Did We Learn From Running a Bug Bounty Program Over 6 Months

Stijn Jans (intigriti), Jean-Francois Simons (Brussels Airlines)


14:30 / It's Time to Start Winning the War: Offensive Defense Strategies, Kicking Ass on Your Own Turf

Pieter Van Goethem (Cronos Security)


14:30 / GDPR, Basics Everyone Must Know

Hans Graux (Timelex), Mari-Liis Orav (PwC Legal), Cécile Porcher Etude Reding), Vencel Hodák (Synch Advokat)

Cloud GDPR

14:30 / Gas Pipeline Goes Cloud

Alessandro Santucci (TransAustria Gas Pipeline)

Security Know-how



14:50 / Cloud and Annual Accounts

Markus Ramoser (PwC Austria)


15:00 / Open Banking APIs

Lode Vanstechelman (VASCO Data Security)


15:00 / COFFEE BREAK 30'

15:30 / Why Security is No Longer an Option

Joeri Barbier (Getronics)


15:30 / The Reconnaissance Phase of the Kill Chain and How to Gain Visibility + Control on Your Digital Footprint

Stijn Vande Casteele (Sweepatic)


15:30 / Threat Hunting

Maxim Deweerdt (, Michel Coene (nViso)


15:30 / GDPR, How to Perform an Assessment 

Christian Laux (Laux Lawyers)

Cloud GDPR

15:30 / Cloud Services in Education and Knowledge Management Processes

Peter Balco

Know-how Education


15:45 / Cloud, Quality for the Postal Service

Ivana Tepčević (SGS Belgrade)

Security Know-how Certification

16:00 / OpenDXL: enabling intelligence sharing between security devices and orchestrate security operations in real time

David Van Damme (McAfee)


16:00 / Understanding Threat Landscape, Designing a Defensive Srategy

Martijn Nielen (WatchGuard Technologies)

Technology Platforms Tooling

16:00 / Threat Hunting: Tracking Down APT by Large-Scale Analysis of Indicators of Compromise

Pierre Ansel (Thales)


16:00 / GDPR, How to Adapt Your Organisation

Martin Andenmatten (Glenfis)

Cloud GDPR

16:00 / Awards & StarAudit Ceremony

Awards 2017

16:30 / The Future of Security and Privacy

Bart Preneel (KULeuven)

17:00 / CLOSING DRINK '30

Venue & Route

The convention is hosted at the Lamot Conference and Heritage Centre in the city of Mechelen. Being right at the heart of Flanders, the convention is accessible by car and public transport.

 Venue Information

Event Location

Lamot Congress Centre 
Haverwerf, 2800 Mechelen 
+32 15 29 49 00

Mechelen Summer Catalogue


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