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8th EuroCloud Congress: Cloud, Trust & Security

EuroCloud Forum 2017 is the primary cloud computing event connecting the industry to spread knowledge and stimulate businesses to invest in the cloud ecosystem. We promote the usage of Cloud Computing as it provides the platform for new services and as such is a fundamental game-changer in the digital society.

This year, the annual EuroCloud Europe Forum will take place in Brussels under the motto “Cloud, Trust and Security”.

A Unique B2B Conference Organised by EuroCloud Europe & Operated by Brewery of Ideas

The Organisation

The EuroCloud Forum 2017 connects all parties related to the cloud industry ranging from start-ups, to universities, research centers, government authorities and stakeholders of the cloud industry.

This B2B-conference will be held in Lamot (Mechelen) together with the Belgian Cyber Security Convention.

The Convention

All visitors are invited for a unique day of networking, education and discussions regarding cloud computing.

Participating companies will have the chance to meet potential clients, build relationships and reach a wide audience in the international cloud computing community.




The agenda of the Forum will be based on the ECE Streams, i.e. the current EuroCloud value propositions for the cloud market:


10:00 - 11:0015'




President, EuroCloud Europe (Luxembourg)

EuroCloud Europe Forum 2017

Opening address of the EuroCloud Europe Forum 2017. President Tobias Höllwarth introduces the Digital Transformation 2020 programme and presents the schedule for the day

15'Keynote (EU)


Acting Director, Future Networks Directorate, DG CONNECT, European Commission (Brussels)

Cloud & the European Commission

The Importance of Certification to achieve the Objectives of the Digital Single Market. Pearse O'DONOHUE reports on current programmes and planned measures of the European Commission' for the coming year.

15'Keynote (Security)

Intelligence Specialist

Name Changed for Security Reasons (Location undisclosed)

Cloud & Secret Service

The Invisible Hurricane: Reflections on cyber warfare in the 21st Century. From his experience running cyber operations at GCHQ, to tackling corporate v corporate information warfare, "Specialist" will provide a unique perspective on the evolution of cyber security, and more importantly, illuminate the path ahead: Why are some actors so adept at cyber warfare? What are the origins of Russia' spectacular cyber achievements? How can we mitigate the potency of their operations?

15'Keynote (International)


Cloud & Transparency 

A programme by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs in search of European allies. Transparency and security through a quality seal.

60'Coffee BreakCeremony and photo session: EuroCloud Europe Awards 2017
11:30 - 13:0020'SECURITY & QUALITYStarAudit (Government)


Chief Officer, Ministry for the Environment (Vienna)

Cloud, Security for Environment

A 40-million-Euro cloud service to protect the environment: How cloud certification has significantly improved security. The Chief Officer at the Austrian Ministry for the Environment, reports on a multi-year effort to achieve the highest quality.

20'StarAudit (Government)


Lead Auditor, SGS (Belgrade)

Cloud, Quality for the Postal Service

How the Croatian Mail Service is preparing for cloud quality. How does a cloud audit work? Ivana Tepčević works for one of the world's largest audit firms (90,000 employees) and talks about her work.

20'StarAudit (Finance Sector)


IT Auditor, Erste Group Bank AG (Vienna)

Cloud, Security in Banks

How a bank prepares its internal audit processes for security-relevant aspects regarding the use of external services. The CISA of a major banking group is responsible for these issues and explains how StarAudit helps him do his job.

20'StarAudit (Energy Sector)


Cloud, Security and Energy

The CIO of one of the largest European energy providers, explains how his company handles the question of cloud and security. How is he preparing for the security requirements demanded by the EU (NIS), and how can a public-private partnership (eCERT) provide a high degree of security support?

60'Lunch BreakCeremony and photo session: StarAudit certificate for Austrian Ministry for the Environment and Croatian Post
14:00 - 15:0015'

TRUST & KNOW HOWTrust in Cloud (Energy Sector)

Alessandro SANTUCCI

CIO, TransAustria Gas Pipeline (Austria/Italy)

Gas Pipeline Goes Cloud

The Trans Austria Gas Pipeline uses several cloud services and has its entire SAP in the cloud. How does one deal with security issues in such an environment? The CIO reports on his cloud experiences.

15'Know How (Accounting)


PwC Austria (Vienna)

Cloud and Annual Accounts

PwC Austria and EuroCloud have addressed the question of how enterprises that use cloud services can prepare for legally mandated auditing by a public accountant/auditor.

15'Cloud Know How

Ratislav NECZLI


How To Calculate Cloud Service
15'Trust in Cloud (Government)



Slovak Railways Go Cloud
15'Trust in Cloud



Cloud Services in Education and Knowledge Management Processes
30'Coffee BreakSigning Ceremony and photo session with new EuroCloud member Belgium
15:30 - 17:0020'PRIVACY & SECURITYData Privacy (Legal)


Lawyer, Timelex (Brussels)


Lawyer, R&P Legal (Milano)

Mari-Liis ORAV

Lawyer, PwC Legal (Tallinn)


Lawyer, Edute Reding (Luxembourg)

GDPR, basics everyone must know

The European General Data Privacy Directive is right around the corner, and every company must be prepared for it. Every European should have a basic understanding for this important legal topic. CPC lawyers explain the essentials.

20'Data Privacy (Legal)


Lawyer, Derra, Meyer & Partner (Düsseldorf)

GDPR, the 20 most important questions

The number of topics addressed by the new European GDPR is considerable. We have compiled the 20 most important questions and answered them. Presented by a Cloud Privacy Check lawyer.

20'Data Privacy (Legal)

Christian LAUX

Lawyer, Laux Lawyers (Zürich)

GDPR, how to perform an assessment

Company staff dealing directly with the implementation of the GDPR will want to participate in this session. CPC lawyer Christian Laux explains how to conduct a GDPR Readiness Assessment.

20'Data Privacy (Business)


CEO, Glenfis (Zürich)

GDPR, how to adapt your organsation

Company staff dealing with IT projects or security issues will learn how to prepare for the GDPR in terms of IT processes and IT organisation from Martin Andenmatten in this session.

5'CLOSING NOTES of EuroCloud Europe Forum 2017

Venue & Route

The convention is hosted at the Lamot Conference and Heritage Centre in the city of Mechelen. Being right at the heart of Flanders, the convention is accessible by car and public transport.

 Venue Information

Event Location

Lamot Congress Centre 
Haverwerf, 2800 Mechelen 
+32 15 29 49 00

Mechelen Summer Catalogue


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Partners & Speakers


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