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Stijn Jans

Legal Officer @ Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium

“Ethical hacking” or bug bounty programs are well known in the ICT security Community. Coordinated Vulnerability disclosure policy (CVDP), also called responsible disclosure policy, is a set of rules set up by an organization responsible for an information or communication technology system to enable collaboration between it and a security researcher or the general public, who wants to search or has discovered a potential security vulnerability in its systems, services or products. These rules should allow for an eventual disclosure of this security vulnerability in a responsible, coordinated and prepared manner between the security researcher (or the general public) and the responsible organization. In Belgium, the use of those policies is subject to legal issues. However, it is possible to apply such policies within the Belgian actual legal frame, subject to certain conditions and best practices.

Stijn is the founder of intigriti, a crowdsourced security platform where security researchers meet and communicate with companies in a safe way. Previous to his role at intigriti, Stijn founded the Security Factory. The Security Factory is a security consultancy company with its main focus on penetration testing.

Speech: "Ethical Hacking"

8th Eurocloud Congress

Cloud, Trust & Security

EuroCloud Forum 2017 is the primary cloud computing event connecting the industry to spread knowledge and stimulate businesses to invest in the cloud ecosystem. We promote the usage of Cloud Computing as it provides the platform for new services and as such is a fundamental game-changer in the digital society.