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EuroCloud Europe Forum 2017

Opening address of the EuroCloud Europe Forum 2017. President Tobias Höllwarth introduces the Digital Transformation 2020 programme and presents the schedule for the day

Tobias Höllwarth

President, EuroCloud Europe (Luxembourg)

Dr. Tobias Höllwarth has been active for more than 20 years as a corporate consultant in the field of outsourcing tender management for major enterprises in the industrial and energy sectors as well as for public authorities, and in the field of full-scale IT management for medium-sized businesses. Since 2010, his main focus has increasingly been placed on cloud consulting, development of cloud strategies, cloud IT policies, planning of cloud migrations, quality assurance of cloud service offerings and auditing of cloud providers.

Dr. Tobias Höllwarth is an executive board member of, president of EuroCloud Europe, director of, and responsible for Besides other relevant publications, he is the editor of “Cloud Migration”, whose third edition was published in several languages.

8th Eurocloud Congress

Cloud, Trust & Security

EuroCloud Forum 2017 is the primary cloud computing event connecting the industry to spread knowledge and stimulate businesses to invest in the cloud ecosystem. We promote the usage of Cloud Computing as it provides the platform for new services and as such is a fundamental game-changer in the digital society.