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TRUST IN CLOUD (Energy Sector)

Gas Pipeline Goes Cloud

The Trans Austria Gas Pipeline uses several cloud services and has its entire SAP in the cloud. How does one deal with security issues in such an environment? The CIO reports on his cloud experiences.

Alessandro Santucci

CIO, TransAustria Gas Pipeline (Vienna)

Alessandro Santucci is the head of the ICT department at Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH. He is responsible for about 200 workplaces related to the IT and telecommunication systems of the company, including two virtual private cloud data centres located in Ireland, and all the technical infrastructure that connects more than 20 manned and unmanned stations located in Lower Austria, Styria and Carinthia. 

Trans Austria Gasleitung has 160 employees and transports natural gas through Austrian territory via the TAG pipeline. The pipeline is 380 km long, with 3 lines running in parallel for a total length of 1140 km. We have five compressor stations and transport up to 30 billion cubic metres of gas per year from the Slovak-Austrian border to the Austrian-Italian border.

8th Eurocloud Congress

Cloud, Trust & Security

EuroCloud Forum 2017 is the primary cloud computing event connecting the industry to spread knowledge and stimulate businesses to invest in the cloud ecosystem. We promote the usage of Cloud Computing as it provides the platform for new services and as such is a fundamental game-changer in the digital society.