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Cloud Know-how

Guidelines on the most important topics regarding cloud computing written by international experts

The EuroCloud “Know-how” programme offers well-researched and comprehensive information on the most important topics to do with cloud computing in the form of guidelines.

These documents are the result of many months of work; each one has been authored and proofread by a selected group of international specialists and deals with a legal, organisational or technical topic that is considered to be of interest to as large a group of readers as possible. EuroCloud’s goal with these guidelines is to promote the establishment and development of know-how on the topic of cloud computing.

The documents follow the basic EuroCloud principle of delivering neutral and profoundly researched information devoid of marketing and advertising intentions. For this reason, mention is neither made of individual manufacturers nor of specific products unless required for the topic. All EuroCloud guidelines are completely free of product placement, and neutrality and balanced presentation of topics are the foundations of every EuroCloud publication.

In keeping with the EuroCloud principles, all guideline documents are available free of charge.

Every EuroCloud member may submit new whitepapers for publication. These whitepapers must be free of marketing or product placement and must be written by at least two authors from two different organizations. Following the quality assurance (acceptance by all ECE board members and one other full ECE member required), proofreading and graphic design process, each new whitepaper will be published on the ECE website and made available as a free download.



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