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The EuroCloud Chapters are the primary members of EuroCloud Europe. The local chapters of EuroCloud participate with 1 representative each in the EuroCloud Council and enjoy full voting rights in the internal decision making processes and in the General Assembly.

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If you want to join one of the countries please fill in the join form. For further information or special inquires please contact us.

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EuroCloud Europe is a grassroots organization, whose primary members are the country organizations.

Existing members of our local chapters can further choose to become supporting members of EuroCloud Europe and take an active role in our top level research and policy work. We currently tackle topics like the European Cloud Initiative, Data Protection, Cybersecurity, Cloud Standards, Cloud Adoption in Europe. 

Supporting members provide direct input into our research to shape the EuroCloud stand on vital cloud policy and technology issues and they benefit firsthand from the knowledge shared within the network.

Supporting members receive recognition as a cloud industry driver and enjoy enhanced visibility on our website, in our events and in our publications, like the Annual Report to be distributed at our yearly event, the EuroCloud Forum. 

For a full description of benefits available to sponsors, please contact us and request our Membership Brochure.

If you want to become a supporting member of EuroCloud Europe, please contact us and we will get back to you with a complete set of information. 

An outline of the benefits for supporting members is depicted below: 

Sponsor Us

Sponsors choose to support more extensively the research and policy work of EuroCloud on topics vital to the European cloud sector: the role of cloud in the creation of the Digital Single Market, enhancing cloud adoption in multiple economy sectors across Europe, the challenges encountered by cloud service providers in the European internal market, enhancing trust in cloud across Europe.

Sponsors can help fund our research and gain recognition and visibility as a European cloud industry shaper. For a full description of benefits available to sponsors, please consult our Membership Brochure below.  

An outline of the sponsor benefits is depicted below: