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Cloud Privacy Check


Understand Cloud and Data Protection Law in only 4 easy steps. Plus highly relevant legal information for 33 countries. Provided by EuroCloud and 53 European lawyers.

53 lawyers from 33 countries are contributing to the project “Cloud Privacy Check (CPC)” in 26 different languages.

Understanding the complexity of current European data protection laws and regulations is already difficult enough for an IT engineer, buyer, or business user. In combination with the often small but nevertheless significant differences between various EU member states, however, it can become an almost insurmountable challenge without proper juristic accompaniment from the very start.

Unfortunately, here in Europe it is not only our many different languages that make things difficult for us: Cloud service providers and users alike are faced with major obstacles in regard to data protection, causing us to suffer massive and unacceptable competitive disadvantages in comparison with, for example, the USA. It is a reality that the many different European data protection rules act as a significant hurdle to IT service (and cloud) customers as well as providers.

The Cloud Privacy Check (CPC) is intended to simplify certain decisions and processes for most affected persons. Naturally, it cannot replace legal expertise, but it structures and breaks own a complex topic without withholding any vital information. And the Data Privacy Check (DPC) provides highly relevant legal information for 33 countries that can easily be compared with each other.

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