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Hungary is prepared to introduce a new act which would further digitize the services provided by the state to its citizens


The new Hungarian Digital Citizenship Act would make communication with public administration, as well as management of official documents easier and more user-friendly. The new Act would also enable consent management in respect of electronic collection and use of personal data and help governmental and non-governmental actors access more data necessary for the provision and development of their services.

The new Act continues the efforts of the government to digitalize public services and make communication with public administration easier, thereby reducing workload on administrative agencies and making more public services available online.

With regard to the new Act, the government further intends to upgrade e-government solutions and capabilities by replacing outdtated e-government interfaces and making more services available through mobile phones. The new, upgraded platform related to digital citizenship services would incorporate – inter alia – e-identification, e-signage and e-posting solutions, make it easier to pay public charges and various fees. It would also enable the production and management of authentic electronic documents.

The new services related to digital citizenship would further empower the users, enable electronic provision and management of their consent related to the use and access of their personal data by government and non-government actors. This would further help users better oversee what personal data government agencies hold on them and what entities or persons can access and use their personal data.  

The public consultation of the recommended wording of the Act has been completed in mid-November and a finalized version is expected to be submitted soon. Most provisions of the Act are further expected to enter into force on 1 July 2024, while certain provisions concerning digital communications are expected to enter into force on 1 January 2025.


Article provided by INPLP member: Kinga Madocsai (SimpLEGAL, Hungary)



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