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EuroCloud Streams – The New Strengths and Value Propositions Concept for Market Players

The EuroCloud Streams

Together with the fresh new redesign of EuroCloud’s web platforms in July 2017, the organisation also introduced a new concept of organising it’s projects. Streams serve as EuroCloud’s strengths and value proposition to all market players, representing the European spirit.

The EuroCloud Streams are:

  • StarAudit: Trusted cloud services & european quality scheme for global usage.
  • Cloud Privacy Check: Data privacy compliance in the cloud made easy.
  • Trust in Cloud: Best practice examples of cloud customers and providers.
  • Cloud Awards: Best practice examples of cloud customers and providers.
  • Cloud Events: We enable networking & knowledge sharing for cloud customers and providers across Europe.
  • Cloud Know How: Well-researched and comprehensive information on cloud computing topics in the form of guidelines.
  • Digital Competence: A public sector framework for the organization of digital transformation measures and programmes.

We invite every visitor to explore these Streams and make use of their value.

About Us

EuroCloud is an independent non-profit organization and consists of a two-tier setup where organisations form all European countries can apply to participate in as long as they respect the EuroCloud Statutes.

To act as a true European player, all programs that are developed are intended to be European activities. These European programs are the strength of EuroCloud as a whole. Respect to local cultures along with the will to promote a real European spirit.