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EuroCloud Europe Announces it’s New Design and Web Platform

The new EuroCloud Europe look

EuroCloud Europe is proud to announce that, after several months of work, plans, tests and iterations, it relaunched its website and main projects under a single and integrated visual identity, with more online functionalities and initiatives.

The website is now the main reference for the organisation’s activity and includes detailed information for each of its streams, as well as direct links towards these.

July 2017 also brought a new Trust in Cloud website (, that features successfully implemented cloud solutions and stories. Prior to this update, Cloud Privacy Check ( and StarAudit ( also received improvements towards the same planned visual style.

The new structure of EuroCloud Europe is focused on presenting the organisation, membership opportunities, it’s streams, news, events and publications. Each of these sections contain new and restructured information.

A detailed presentation of the newly implemented EuroCloud Streams concept can be found here.

With the relaunch of the new ECE website under an improved platform, every future EuroCloud member organsation will be able to obtain a fully customisable copy of it for use at it’s national level.

About Us

EuroCloud is an independent non-profit organization and consists of a two-tier setup where organisations form all European countries can apply to participate in as long as they respect the EuroCloud Statutes.

To act as a true European player, all programs that are developed are intended to be European activities. These European programs are the strength of EuroCloud as a whole. Respect to local cultures along with the will to promote a real European spirit.