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6th INPLP conference – great success


The 6th INPLP Conference was successfully held in Vienna under the auspices of EuroCloud Europe

Schrems II was the central topic of the conference; which welcomed the programme director of NOBY; Robert Romain; as one of its speakers. NOYB is the organisation founded by Max Schrems that is currently attracting considerable public attention with a series of legal activities. A further important item on the agenda was the future development of INPLP. Robust growth to 100 country representatives is planned for the coming years; as well as several new internal services for members; which will be adopted at the upcoming January conference. Due to the impending lockdown in Austria; representatives from 8 countries were present on site (Israel; Norway; USA; Germany; Romania; Estonia; Austria; Malta), with another 18 countries participating online. The supporting programme included a guided tour of the Spanish Riding School, a Klimt tour of the Belvedere, and a vintage tram ride through the centre of Vienna.

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