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Luca Martelli

Senior Director Identity & Security Solutions, EMEA Oracle

Data, People and Software security:  how does them relate  to the GDPR security principles? Our easy-to-use solutions provide transparent controls for implementing many of the security principles mandated by the GDPR.    Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are feeling stretched as modern cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent, latent, and hidden. In this new attack landscape, network-centric security is no longer enough because threats come from inside and outside the network. Oracle Identity SOC is an identity-centric, context-aware intelligence and automation framework for security operations centers, backed by advanced user behavior analytics and machine learning to spot compelling events that require automated remediation.

Currently responsible for Oracle’s Identity and Security portfolio in Europe Middle East and Africa, Luca has spent the majority of his time in security, most recently as Identity & Security Lead for the Italian cluster at Novell and before as project manager for Cambridge Technology Partner delivering and managing the very first projects in the Identity Management space.

Luca is continuously supporting organizations that are embracing their journey to the cloud, making sure security by design and security by default are the key cornerstones to improve their digital security posture, in the continuously evolving hybrid IT scenario.

Luca is a frequent speaker on technology and security at industry events. Luca has an Executive MBA from Bologna Business School.

Speech: "The Enablement of an Identity-Centric SOC in the Regulatory Rumba era"

8th Eurocloud Congress

Cloud, Trust & Security

EuroCloud Forum 2017 is the primary cloud computing event connecting the industry to spread knowledge and stimulate businesses to invest in the cloud ecosystem. We promote the usage of Cloud Computing as it provides the platform for new services and as such is a fundamental game-changer in the digital society.