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Vision Statement of the FIC2020 Advisory Board


As a member of the Advisory Board of the International Forum of Cybersecurity in France I would like to draw your attention on this year Mission Statement for Lille: “It’s time to empower ourselves: we are the first line of defence in our digital world.”

With this statement, we want to recognise all those who form the first line of defence in making our digital world safer. This is the purpose of the theme for FIC 2020: “Putting human beings at the heart of cybersecurity.” This statement is for you if:

  • At home, you enjoy the benefits of digital life, the immediate access to unlimited content, sharing information with friends and families anytime, anywhere;
  • At work, you are responsible for information security, you develop new solutions to make the digital community safer, you contribute to the fight against online crime. 

Together we the members of the Advisory Board of the FIC Forum, together with CISOs, CIOs, analysts, researchers, developers, trainers and teachers from all over Europe, need to work on the cybersecurity of our respective organisations, countries and of the European Union. Together we must work to meet our challenges, finding solutions to protect what we hold dear. There is much at stake for us: an open, free and prosperous society with our own standards and values.


The French International Cybersecurity Forum 2020 which will take place in Lille (France) from 28-30th of January.


Read the full Mission Statement of the FIC2020 Advisory Board:
See the forum FIC2020:


Article provided by: Dr. Tobias Höllwarth (member of the FIC Advisory Board), CEO of Sourcing International and President of EuroCloud Europe

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