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Oliver Manager, Winner in the EuroCloud Awards 2017 Competition


"Olive Manager", a cloud solution offered by "Combis d.o.o.", winner in the EuroCloud Awards 2017 competition, category "Best Cloud Service for Vertical Markets".


Olive Manager is a new Combis multitenant application for managing the technological process of processing olives and olive oil production, which enables oil manufacturers organize production schedules. The system enables data management for olive manufactures and family businesses that are in the olive industry. The system offers available appointment times for selected dates when processing appointments are entered, as well as the time duration needed to process larger quantities of olives based on machine capacity, to maximize machine usage during working hours. Available processing times are visible to oil manufacturers and to system users to enable more efficient harvest planning and olive processing. The olive manufacturer is able to send requests for the selected time and cancel the selected time, allowing them to use their machines to maximum capacity. Based on cultivation and processing data, users have access to quality and quantity reports for olives and olive oil for each cultivation area. Reporting data shows data for olives for each cultivation area, age of trees, quality of cultivated olives, and oil quality. The Olive Manager can register each olive tree, olive yield and quality, and olive oil by year, as well as monitor the work in olive groves under various weather conditions. Collection of olive manufacturer data and olive groove data gives a baseline which assists in placing the best oils into the market place, or replace the olive and olive oil. Today in Croatia, both modern and traditional oil manufacturers can be found in all areas of olive cultivation. To produce high quality oil, the oil manufacturer must organize their work to minimize wait periods and process healthy and undamaged olives on time. The production process starts with accepting reservations up to a month prior to the harvest date. The manufacturer must define the amount of olives to be process seed when selecting the processing appointment time. To ensure oil quality, the production of olive oil must start within 48 hours of the harvest. The appointment times are booked very quickly, and it is impossible to get an appointment after the harvest. The harvest and production season is very short, impacted by weather conditions, olive yield and the lack of sufficient technological support.


COMBIS is a regional ICT company focused on development of application, communication, security and systems solutions, provisioning of ICT solutions development and integration services, as well as infrastructure management and support services.
COMBIS is a system integrator, offering consultancy, development and implementation services in deployment, integration and maintenance of comprehensive information-application-communication solutions. 

COMBIS proved its expertise, adaptability, proactivity and customer dedication on more than a thousand projects carried out in both local and foreign markets. 

COMBIS Makes Your Business More Successful - We have designed a multitude of solutions for large companies and organizations from the  industry, banking, telecommunications and government sectors. We participated in a number of exceptional projects – as consultants, system integrators and developers. COMBIS Energy - COMBIS grew on the positive energy of its employees and the essential goal to maintain customer satisfaction as one of our top priorities. We are always willing to take extra steps to ensure that we reach that goal. This is our differentiating factor which is highly recognized among our customers. 

By putting customer requirements and needs of its employees first, COMBIS has shifted its focus one step further away from a typical IT approach. This enables us to gain an intimate understanding of your business challenges.
Our partners are Cisco, Citrix, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Lexmark, Microsoft, Oracle and many other large international corporations with which we have been successfully cooperating for many years. We provide an essential ingredient to their products – an expertise specially adapted to each customer and task at hand. This is a proven formula for creating exceptional solutions. 

COMBIS Market Position - According to research by IDC Adriatics, COMBIS is not only a leading service provider in Croatia, but also among the leading ICT services companies in the Adriatic region. 

Our Mission - Building integrated business solutions based on top-quality services and leading world technologies. Enabling users of our solutions to improve their business results by concentrating on core activities and efficacious use of information technologies. Providing our employees with the possibility to reach their full potential through personal and professional development. Running a successful company in the environment governed by trust and co-operation, based on knowledge and work as basic values, to the satisfaction of customers, employees and owner. 

Our Vision - We want to be renowned regional informatics company with market-recognized ICT solutions, based on top-quality services and leading world technologies.

Our Values – Expertise, Work, Team Spirit, Customer Care, Reliability, Responsibility, Open and Friendly, Victorious spirit communication.


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