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New Whitepaper: #18 - The Power of the Cloud


Mitigate the risks and embrace the opportunities

Cloud computing is not only driving digital transformation across the public and private sectors today, it’s also the engine behind the Internet of Things (IoT). Keeping up with the pace of change, many businesses have integrated cloud-based solutions to remain competitive, while others are just getting started. Nevertheless, there’s still a reluctance among senior decision makers to fully embrace cloud technology. Executives worry about cyber security, data privacy, third-party risk posed by cloud providers and crossborder data transfer risks.

This paper shines some light on these key risks and concerns so that you can make appropriate and riskaware choices when considering cloud computing services. You’ll find the white paper offers insight into: cloud security risk; data privacy and cross-border compliance issues; and certification to mitigate third-party risk.

By outlining the risks and concerns of the various forms of cloud computing, the white paper provides you with a better understanding of the key issues to address when considering the adoption of cloud services. This white paper was created in a cooperative process between EuroCloud Switzerland, Glenfis and the various experts from KPMG Switzerland: Reto Grubenmann, Dr. Matthias Bossardt, Prafull Sharma, Michael Nordhoff, Reto Mathys, Saner Çelebi and Nienke Meester. Special thanks go out to Reto Grubenmann from KPMG Switzerland, who with great personal commitment, assumed the leading role in terms of content – elaborating every detail over several sessions with me.

We hope you’ll find the content useful on your journey to successfully integrating cloud solutions and transforming your enterprise.

The latest whitepaper can be download from here.

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