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New technical study: #19 - Security analysis of a cloud backup service based on a smart site failover


Authors: Kamil Glowinski, Andreas Krawinkler, Christian Gossmann (Cloud Computing Engineering, Fachhochschule Burgenland)

The opportunities in the cloud computing sector are characterized by rapid growth. This development is based on manyfold causes from both a technical and monetary point of view. Cloud solutions have become important competitive factors in the hosting industry and data center operators. The growing supply of cloud providers and their quality also increases the pressure on on-premises data centers, which inevitably causes many IT departments to be compared and measured against external cloud providers.

Cloud computing offers companies many new opportunities, but at the same time presents them with new challenges. Today, many decision makers of medium-sized and large companies consider cloud services to be important and necessary in order to optimize their own business processes and to be future-proof and competitive. In many cases, the question of data security and compliance is asked in this context and triggers uncertainty and discomfort in the participants. 

This document focuses on the backup, failover, and recovery of a virtual component (server) to a cloud service provider, and considers primarily the security aspect of interfaces, as well as any weaknesses and risks of such solutions. In the case of specific application, the example of the challenge of such an endeavor is shown and an attempt is made to clarify the resulting challenges and risks.

The publication can be downloaded here.

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