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Intensive seminar digest: defining tender criteria for cloud services properly


On 26 June, EuroCloud Austria hosted the intensive seminar AUSSCHREIBUNGSKRITERIEN FÜR CLOUD SERVICES RICHTIG DEFINIEREN (DEFINING TENDER CRITERIA FOR CLOUD SERVICES PROPERLY) on the premises of the Vienna Business Agency.

The basis for this seminar was provided by the EuroCloud StarAudit catalogue of criteria, recognized by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, along with the Austrian quality seal AUSTRIAN CLOUD.

The event was fully booked with 20 participants, most of whom were staff members of leading Austrian companies. This circumstance along with the excellent feedback provided by the participants makes us confident that we are contributing significantly to the use of cloud services in Austria.

“As far as the workshop goes, I can say that it exceeded my expectations. We were not presented with generic points regarding cloud usage that do not apply to most individual cases, but instead were shown a tool that can certainly be applied in all relevant areas and departments. The self-assessment allows the provider as well as the customer to obtain a very precise notion of what is required for the specific desired service, as well as of what overshoots the mark.” 

“The event provided good insights into the developments in the cloud industry in Europe and its efforts for professionalization. I think the idea to professionalize communication between companies calling for bids and the bidders by way of a standardized online questionnaire is a very good one.”

This seminar was held in cooperation with the Vienna Business Agency.

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