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Infinity ECM Platform, finalist in the EuroCloud Awards 2017

Info Novitas, Finalist in the "Best Business Process as a Service Suite" EuroCloud Awards Category

"Infinity ECM Platform", a cloud solution offered by "Info Novitas d.o.o." has been nominated as a finalist in the EuroCloud Awards 2017 competition, in the category "Best Business Process as a Service Suite".

The EuroCloud Awards 2017 winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony on 25th October 2017, in Belgium, within the EuroCloud Forum 2017 event.


About the solution

INFINITY ECM is a modern multi-functional Enterprise Content Management platform for horizontal markets that includes a large number of integrated systems, solutions and tools for collaboration, communication and management of the entire business. 

Infinity ECM Provides support for business process transformation, resulting in improved business results by reinventing and transforming business processes. Also can consolidates, optimizes and reduces the IT SW infrastructure of the company. 

Advantages of Infinity ECM platform are: Supports & Improve more than 15 business processes; Multifunctional fully modular Cloud solution with more than 15 subsystems; Easy integrations with different global & local SW products; Flexible modern architecture based on web services and plug-in management; Multilingual & globally available over our partners or Microsoft Azure platform; Fully responsive design; Different platform versions suitable for small, middle and big organizations; Multi-org & Multi- company support (one system for all related companies); 

INFINITY ECM platform combines in one system different components such as: CRM (Customer Relationship Management), DMS (Document Management System), ERMS (Electronic Records Management System), CMS (Case Management System), ITSM (IT Service Management System), BPMA (Business Process Management & Automation), CMS (Collaborative Management System), KMS (Knowledge Management System), EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), IMS (Integrated Management System) whereby belongs to a group of modern global ECM platform solutions. 

About the company

Info Novitas is a company founded in 2010 by professionals with significant national and international experience gained leading and working on projects in Croatia and globally. This experience led to the establishment of of the new company.

The company consists of perspective young people armed with knowledge, freshness, and will to expand options on IT market. In the same way, the company tends to work on complex projects. The company boasts of many associates and co-operation with the best national technical colleges.

In our work we use exclusively new technologies and wide range of Microsoft technologies, Oracle Apex, Open Source (php,java), Adobe Master Collection etc., and we believe that the work methodology is extremely important because it enables quality software to be delivered to the clients at any given time and to meet their needs.

We try to be among the leading companies for the development and implementation of software, along with offering expert consulting knowledge. Our main goal is to build complete business solutions through partnerships with leading global companies, based on high-end services and technologies.


About Us

EuroCloud is an independent non-profit organization and consists of a two-tier setup where organisations form all European countries can apply to participate in as long as they respect the EuroCloud Statutes.

To act as a true European player, all programs that are developed are intended to be European activities. These European programs are the strength of EuroCloud as a whole. Respect to local cultures along with the will to promote a real European spirit.