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Corner Stores of the Digital Age


“Corner Stores of the Digital Age” was the motto of an event hosted by EuroCloud Swiss at the FIFA Football Museum on 4 October. The participants discussed the topic of how enterprises can convey the feeling of a local corner store to their customers on the web so as to establish empathic customer relations. The attendees agreed that it is not an easy goal to achieve.

EuroCloud Swiss has been a member of industry association Swico since 2015. The advocacy group works with providers, manufacturers, users, consultants, educational institutions and the federal government. It also organizes training and information events on the topic of Cloud Computing.

Customers want a personalized offering

Martin Andenmatten, president of EuroCloud Swiss, opened the meeting by pointing out how quickly the world of e-commerce is developing and changing. The example he provided was Amazon Go, a supermarket concept without checkout registers that Amazon is planning to expand to 3000 stores by 2021 according to Bloomberg.

Speaking after Andenmatten was Michael Nösges, Regional Vice President Switzerland & Austria at Salesforce. He said that technologies causing fundamental revolutions had occurred regularly throughout recent history: the steam engine in the 18th century, electricity in the 19th century, the personal computer in the 20th century, and now the fourth Industrial Revolution with smart objects, networked systems and the Internet of Things.

Its effects are also being felt in e-commerce, Nösges continued. “Every positive digital experience increases the user’s expectations.” Three out of four customers now expect personalized offerings, but most enterprises cannot provide them because they do not analyse their data properly. “I have been a customer of Migros for 15 years, and I also have a Cumulus card,” Nösges said, “but I have never received a personalized offer from Migros.”



About Us

EuroCloud is an independent non-profit organization and consists of a two-tier setup where organisations form all European countries can apply to participate in as long as they respect the EuroCloud Statutes.

To act as a true European player, all programs that are developed are intended to be European activities. These European programs are the strength of EuroCloud as a whole. Respect to local cultures along with the will to promote a real European spirit.