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A Consideration of accelerated migration of on-premises VMs to the Google Cloud platform using streaming technologies


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By using cloud services, organizations can provide their application and server landscape through a pool of resources. That there is no way around cloud solutions in terms of elasticity and competitiveness, has meanwhile penetrated to most companies. However, the migration and successive “cloudification” of the servers and services often represents a major obstacle for many companies. In many cases, it lacks or fails in a migration strategy, or in the know-how of the persons involved. An essential migration component to a cloud service provider is the automated migration of services and servers to such. In such a project, IT service providers and IT departments are equally required to contribute their experience and to keep the degree of automation very high, if possible. It is important to analyze the processes and to work out which steps can be carried out fully automatically. Without automation, there are many sources of error and little chance of success.

This document focuses on the accelerated movement of virtual servers and their applications using streaming technology to a cloud service provider. The primary consideration is the technology of the solution used and the availability and liability SLAs. In the concrete case of application, the example of the challenge of such an endeavor is shown and an attempt is made to clarify the resulting difficulties and risks.

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