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Trusted and audited cloud services. European quality scheme for global usage.

StarAudit represents more than 500 accredited professionals worldwide, offers a checklists for provider transparency and tender support and assessment tools for quality checks, gap-analysis and audit purposes.

StarAudit is a global program - provided by EuroCloud Europe - with an international network of accredited partners and professionals. StarAudit facilitates the growth of cloud-based services and innovations worldwide. StarAudit’s areas of activity are:

  • Trust in Cloud
  • Awareness Programmes
  • Data Privacy Compliance
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Start Up Encouragement
  • Standards and Interoperability
  • Legal Framework Harmonisation


StarAudit offers a certification scheme to establish trust in cloud services both on the customer and the user side. The purpose of the StarAudit scheme is to provide accountable quality assessment of cloud services through a transparent and reliable certification process. StarAudit’s other main focus is to enable knowledge transfer to IT, legal and procurement professionals. An accreditation process featuring high-value training services is available to individuals who need these new skills to be successful in their professional carrier.