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Gaia-X Hub Austria entering its next operational phase


Control over our data in the digital world is becoming a determining competitive factor as well as the basis for a free and secure society. With the new initiative of the #GaiaX Hub Austria, the #Austrian digital and innovation community is taking leadership in shaping the EU data strategy. This will position Austrian interests in the EU and support the Austrian economy in its global positioning.

Thanks to the joint support of #BMK and the State Secretariat for Digitalisation in the #BMF, Austria can play a leading role in a highly important area of the future!

The Gaia-X Hub Austria, which was founded on March 30, is now entering its next operational phase and I am proud to be a member of the management board. The European initiative Gaia-X has set itself the goal of developing the necessary organizational, legal and technical framework for this. To this end, the Gaia-X Hub Austria addresses four strategic fields of action. Thanks to the cooperative and productive support of the Gaia-X Austria Hub Team Henriette Spyra, Maria Ulmer, Georg Hahn, Roland Sommer, Brigitte Lutz, Michael Fälbl, Gerald Steiner, Christian Tauber, Mario Drobics, Günther Tschabuschnig, Nina Popanton, Stefanie Lindstaedt.

Please find the defined goals and background information about the Gaia-X Hub Austria in the recent press release and our new webpage


Dr. Tobias Höllwarth (Member of Management Board at Gaia-X Hub Austria)

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